Quality Care & Support

Because we never compromise on the level of quality care and support we provide to our clients and service users: our highly trained staff deliver the kind of service we would want, and expect, for our own families and friends.

Dignity & Respect

We will always take into account, and respect, your dignity; your right to choose; your privacy and your need to maintain your independence.


We involve our service users’ in creating, developing and implementing their own individual support plans, to achieve better outcomes.  Our initial needs assessment and the relevant information provided, contributes to a holistic, individually tailored plan with mutually agreed outcomes.

The following statements reflect the values, principles and aims of Multi-Care Community Services Witham Ltd

To focus on our clients and service users


We aim to provide care and support, including nursing, in ways which have positive outcomes for clients and service users promoting their active participation in the community.

To ensure we are fit for purpose.

We will examine our operations constantly to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and purposes. We welcome feedback from clients and service users, their families, friends and representatives.

To employ a quality workforce

Standards for our managers and staff are based on the standards for the care and support industry, set by the National Training Organisation, Skills for Care and the Care Quality Commission in accordance with the Care Act 2014.

To provide quality services

We are totally committed to providing a high quality level of service, and to continuously monitor our services to ensure that high quality is maintained. We encourage feedback from all stakeholders, including clients, service users, their families, staff, healthcare professionals, the local Community and others to enable us to continuously improve our service alongside the needs and wishes of those using it.

To work for the comprehensive welfare of our clients and service users

We aim to provide for each client or service user an individual plan of care and support that contributes to their overall personal, and healthcare needs and preferences. We will work collaboratively with other allied healthcare professionals, and community services, to help to maximise each client or service user’s independence and to ensure as fully as possible the client or services user’s maximum participation in the community.

To meet assessed needs

Before we provide services, we will ensure that a potential client or service user’s needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed, including risk. We will aim to ensure that the care and support the service provides meets the assessed needs of each client or service user and that needs are re-assessed as frequently as necessary. We consider our individual support plans to be a living document that has the flexibility to change with the individual’s unique requirements and wishes.


Care and Support

We offer a wide range of care and support services to people choosing to stay as independent as possible by remaining in their own homes. To suit every individual’s needs we can provide our services on either a long, or short term basis. Complete peace of mind through a fully managed service.


Personal Care

Care and support designed for those individuals who need assistance with some personal aspects and activities of their daily living. For instance: rising and retiring, bathing, dressing, applying creams and lotions, dressing and toileting, mobility and eating all in the comfort of your own home.


Our Services

We support those who are getting older, and a little frailer, right through to those who require 24/7 support. Our service users may suffer from a wide range of medical and/or mental health conditions such as Dementia, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, physical disabilities and/or sensory impairments.